The Moving Calendar

Being prepared and having a plan for your move will make things much more manageable throughout the process.


8 weeks out: Start researching moving companies. Get at least two price quotes. Also connect with insurers (including the Rothbury offer we would have sent out when the roof goes on) and start the process to insure your wonderful new home ready for when you move in.

6 weeks out: Start going through all your storage to identify things you want to donate, give away or sell.  This is a great time to declutter, the less you have to pack the better!  Begin to think about the layout of your new home and whether you need to sell or buy any major pieces of furniture.

5 weeks out: Choose a moving company and confirm the date. Be sure to get a price quote, arrival times and other details in writing.

4 weeks out: Get moving boxes and other packing materials and start packing!  Pack your non-essential items first so you don't pack anything you will need. Label each box with the destination room and contents. 

3 weeks out: Recruit friends and family to help unpack at the new place and clean your old place or get the professionals in.

2 weeks out: Organise moving insurance and content insurance for your new home.  

1 week out: Confirm your plans with moving company and plan your furniture and cupboard layouts. Clearly label valuables and safely pack all jewellery, money and important documents separately. Ensure your utilities are set up and ready to go when you need them. Sort a ‘day of move’ box including essentials like phone charger, food, coffee, kettle, crockery, clean clothes and cleaning tools.


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